Wednesday, 2 November 2011

change of subject - recent crochet projects

I have been crocheting in my spare time, find it good for the 'grey cells' as poirot would say.
What i have been crocheting are some wonderful ear warmers.  I started off making one for my youngest daughter but it came out huge (see pic 2), so a change of hook, and coloured yarn (a 6mm for a 4mm, 2 balls of dk for 1 ball of dk and 1 ball of 4 ply).
So far i have made 3, the first attempt, which luckily fits me, the 2nd attempt for my eldest and finally a 3rd one which fits my youngest perfectly.  It's like the 3 bears of head gear.  Both the girls love their ear wamers the elder one so much i have to remove it from her while she sleeps at night.

I got the pattern from a link from a friend, the link is to youtube and the excllent bobwilson123.  A fantastic source for any crocheter, with great instructions and endless ideas to extend and adorn your crochet items.
the very helpful instructional video can be found here 
bobwilson123's youtube page

3rd attempt
1st attempt

I have finished this one with a butterfly from here butterfly tutorial

the other is finished with a lovely dahlia from Dahlia tutorial

next project will be a hello kitty squares blanket 
ttfn x