Wednesday, 12 January 2011

An Introduction

You will have to excuse if this makes little or no sense as i am a virgin blogger!

I thought i should begin by introducing myself, I am a mother of 2, my greatest achievements to date, they drive me mad, they bring me joy they are my children.

I have many opinions on many things, most are rubbish and the minute they leave my mouth or mind i give myself a mental slap for being so foolish. 

I have a live in boyfriend (the other half) who at times i could cheerfully choke and other times i couldn't love any more if i tried.

We all live in a house in bad state of affairs, not our fault I might add, I may fill you in on the reasons at a later date.

To my other half's disgust we have opened our home to two kittens, both are completely insane just like the children and very cute too.

II have in the past 6 months taken up crochet, something i have discovered, I am quite good at, and hope to add some of my creations on here soon.

for now  shall stop as life continues around me and I'm sitting on my behind typing.

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