Thursday, 23 February 2012

its been a while

have to apologise to all (if any) of my blog followers, have been absent for a while.  Life just gets in the way a little sometimes.
Since last blog entry have discovered baby number 3 is on his/her way.  Currently 5 months pregnant although looking 8 and feeling like 18.
I have got stuck in a rather large rut with my creative writing, such a large rut i have come to the ground breaking decision i am not creative enough to write for a living.  i may have many an idea but not enough to fill the gaps and no idea where to take my stories when i get the ideas down on paper.  I find even though creative writing is supposed to free up your potential, i feel hemmed in and find i have limits to how far I'm allowed to roam with my imagination.

I have been crocheting, have completed 3 blankets, one for a girl, one for a boy and another for either gender.  Starting to understand why i haven't been writing.

My current study topic is life writing and the looming assignment is based upon either autobiographical or biographical writing, i have a preference for the latter as i don't think my life is of interest to anyone to be made into a chapter let alone a book, and would pity any that did want to read it.  Maybe i could sell it as a sleep aid to incurable insomniacs I'd make a fortune.  I must choose a subject to write the assignment about and all the people i have come up with have either been over exposed in the biography way or are fictional beings (not of my creation) and apparently that's not allowed.

Blogging does seem to help me creatively so may pop on here a little more often to have a creative download every now and again.  Maybe in the next week or so i will come up with a great person to write about and will ace my assignment, or in the real world i leave it till the last minute fudge and barely pass just like the last time.

ttfn readers x

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